Plataforma de envio de mensagens SMS
Mensagens SMS desde 3.3 Cêntimos

Your name instead of a phone
number on the sender ID of the SMS

Instead of a number that probably nobody knows, we guarantee your company name as the sender, ie, the Sender ID. Alternatively we can use your name. Maximum character limit: 11.

No initial cost or montly fees

With our service, you do not need to invest in a platform nor to commit to monthly fees. Only pay for what you use, whenever you need to. Additional advantage: you can customize your messages. The message must only have 70 characters (if you want it to have special characters) or 160 characters (without special characters).

Sending SMS messages to all networks

Identical cost for any one of the networks. You can also can schedule, from your computer, the day and time you find more convenient.

Easily import your contacts

You can import from an Excel file into your contact list in just two minutes. After that, just prepare the message, test it to your phone and send it to all the recipients. You will also have access to a detailed report.


Written communication via mobile phones has beneficiated with all the improvements in mobile devices.
The massive use of mobile phones in Portugal is one of the reasons why companies are integrating their communications in order to send and receive SMS, but there are other reasons such as:

Reduced cost of telephone calls
Optimization of staff time
Increased contact with the customer
Helps building your brand, increasing its recognition
Decreasing number of cancelled interviews / meetings / consultations and their associated costs

There are many companies offering SMS services so you should consider the following reasons to choose a good service:

Send SMS with full autonomy
It does not require you to install any software on your computer
Send messages to all national networks
Easy contact import
Personalize your SMS messages
Schedule for the day and time that suits you the most
You can check an history report of sent SMS messages
Can reach 100% of its customers or potential customers
No activation fee
No monthly fees
Personalized helpdesk

These are the advantages of the Fidelizarte's SMS service.

A fast, economical and highly effective service.

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  • What is the Sender ID?

    Sender ID is the name of your company (or brand) that people will see on their phone when they receive your SMS message. Iit is a name name rather than a number.

  • What features are supported by the Sender ID?

    The Sender ID for your company can contain up to 11 alphabetic characters without spaces, capital letters or lowercase.

  • How many characters can my SMS have?

    Your SMS can take two forms: with special characters (accents, cedilla, etc.) and without special characters. The main difference is that a message with special characters may have up to 70 characters, whereas a message without special characters can be up to 160 characters.

  • Can I import contacts in bulk for my group of recipients?

    Yes. Just create an Excel file with your customer's data (name and phone number), following a pre-defined structure indicated by us. You'll then just need to create the group and upload your file. Your recipient list will be prepared to be sent within minutes.

  • Does my ceiling has validity?

    No. The payment you make has no validity. You can use it when desired.

  • What is Fidelizarte's SMS platform for?

    Using our platform you can send SMS messages for everything related to your company:

    • Publicity SMS messages;
    • SMS messages to communicate with your Clients;
    • SMS messages to generate traffic;
    • SMS messages for late payments;
    • SMS messages to your collaborators;
    • SMS messages with these and many other purposes.

    An economic and efficient way to communicate.

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